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Letter written by Sgt Lamb to his parents on 
the day before he was killed

Sergeants Mess
RAF Station Linholme
Wednesday 16 April

Dear Folks,

Well this is just a short one to let you know I got back (from leave). I am writing this in bed so that may account for the writing being a bit queer.

I have once more struck one of my decisive blows for victory. I was over Kiel last night bombing so it just shows that the country canít get along without me for very long. I did not get to bed until about 6 a.m. so Iím feeling pretty tired. It was a pretty rotten trip. Our Met people forecast fine weather over the target area and the clouds we ran into went up to 18000 ft. It was pretty cold up there (the temperature was) minus 30 C. which in terms of degrees of frost was 54 degrees below zero according to the old household thermometer. We managed to find Kiel though some of the blokes didnít. We flew around for a short while but could not get a break in the clouds to see our particular target so we just waited until we were in the centre of a ring of flak and searchlights and let them go. By some ironical trick of fate no sooner had we done that than we got a small break in the clouds and managed to see exactly where we were. Our bombs dropped somewhere in the residential area but what they hit we will never know. I was too fed up to care where or what they hit. It serves them right for firing at us anyway. Well. thatís all there is to say about my latest death defying feat so Iíll say no more.

Now before I forgetóI did not get a chance to thank the people at the hospital before I left so do it for me will you. Well if I donít get up soon Iíll be too late for dinner so Iíll have to get up I suppose. Iíll see if there is anything I can think of writing about after dinner. Well all I can think of is that one of the old Carlisle boys has arrived here. He was at Cottismore. The time is now about three in the afternoon and I am still wearing my pyjamas under a uniform and a polo neck sweater of course so I think Iíll close now and get dressed.

Cheerio Auf Wiederhoren

The Avro 504, the first plane in which Ken and Colin flew in 1933

The last plane flown by Ken Hill

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